A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

~ Where Dreams and Games Meet ~

- Do you know what it feels to jump from dream to dream?

Our main character Seira does, join her on a journey through the dreamscapes.

~ Dream Jumping ~

You get to jump between dreams, quite literally. Experience shifting dreams as you teleport through the different dreamworlds.

~ What We Offer ~

- Unique mechanics: shift between the dreams with dash, air jump and glide.

- Activities: you can also float in water and bounce on bubbles. 

- Zoom function: admire the art up close, or plan your route as you navigate the map.

- Original pixel art and music specifically tailored for our levels; discover the beauty of the dreamworlds

~ Standard Mode and Arcade Mode ~

- Challenge your platforming skills in our arcade mode! 

- Or just enjoy the journey of Seira in her quest for doughnuts!

~ Brought to you by ~

Zijian Liu - Product owner, Programmer, Level design (Night & Cloud Theme)

Ayça Durmuş -  Level design (City & Town Theme), Project management, QA

Micaela Cederlund -  Level design (City & Town Theme), Lead Researcher, QA

Mingyue Guan -  Lead artist, Level design (Jade Theme)

Tieren Costello -  Music

~ Tools & Other Assets ~

Unity 2020 LTS

DOTween Pro by Demigiant

Extrude (Font)  by Nic

Pixel Millennium  (Font)   by Zdeněk Gromnica

Spaceboy  (Font)   by Jakob Fischer

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Extra Message from Zijian(Product Owner/Programmer/Level Designer) :

        About this project: This was a somewhat wayward project during my master's program, hoping to build a relatively standardized production workflow through a complete game demo. The original intention of this project was to allow friends to enjoy game design without the hassle of tedious work like coding. Therefore the three levels in the demo will have a relatively different design style, thanks to the designers of each level. (You can see the designers of the different levels in Credits.)

        About the gameplay: The gameplay originally came from another project I did in my game design class, Geometry Shift. I decided to expand it into a more complete game project, which is now DreamConnection, and thanks to the Geometry Shift team members at the time (detail in Geometry Shift page).

        Special thank you to Ayça Durmuş , without whom this project may never finished. To Micaela Cederlund without whom we wouldn't have gotten top grades for this project in connection to playtesting class. And Finally, thank you to Mingyue, our great artist.


DreamConnection_Alpha_Ver.1.0(MacOS).zip 78 MB
DreamConnection_Alpha_Ver.1.0(Win).zip 69 MB

Install instructions

Recommended to play with a gamepad, but ns pro controller support is not perfect.

For keyboard,Enter button is confirm. Esc is Pause Menu.


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nice artistic designing!

Very creative game!It takes a while to get used to and master the mechanics, and once you do, the game feels great!I love the art and level design!It's a game with a lot of potential. nice work!

Love the art and the mechanics of this game